Hamilton Aguiar

The pictorial work of Hamilton Aguiar (b. Brazil, 1965) had its initial inspiration in the world of mural and interior design. That world where paintings, the spatial fit of objects and the handling of lights are essential to activate our senses and sensibility.

A world, in which the private interiority and the home kingdom are harmonized to keep the tensions and shocks in the outside life at bay. It was in this context of applied arts where he developed a refined management of different techniques and materials of the pictorial craft.

Hamilton is a well established artist, whose work is mostly exhibited at luxurious private and commercial properties in New York City, the Hamptons, Miami and West Palm Beach. His pieces are amongst the popular chosen in interior design plans. Multiple galleries in the United States (Aspen, Houston, Boca, Miami, Southhampton) represent Hamilton, and he has been featured in a large number of art fairs.

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