The McTiers. Where Art Is a Family Value.

The McTiers’ artistic method focuses solely on portraits encompassing the expressionism of legendary and iconic athletes, Latin entertainers and artists. A special bond is present between the McTiers and ModArt’s curator, being a collector as well as a representative.

ModArt also had the opportunity to expose a unique collection at the Hard Rock Stadium during and dedicated to the Miami Tennis Open. Now, we present to you the mix of sports and entertainment along with a touch of the ocean that vibes in South Florida, precisely… Miami.  

The McTier family is among the few artists that have achieved notoriety in the Contemporary Sports Art genre. One of the most important people in the McTiers’ art career is Former American President Ronald Reagan, who was a collector. For Jace MCTier, as an 8 year old child, meeting such a historic person guided him to knowing what he wanted to be as a grown up. Lucy McTier’s personal portraits of Ronald Reagan are exhibited in the Ronald Reagan Library.

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